April 19,2011

Last night we served our family an impromptu breakfast to practice for our bed & breakfast guests.  There were belgium waffles made with oats and fresh eggs, some made with buttermilk, apple and cinnamon. Toppings included peach compote  from those peaches we froze last June or real maple syrup made locally.  The lean, crisp bacon from the pork we raised was quickly consumed.  Our grandsons particularly liked it.  Of course I had to include a vegetable so a side of fresh carrots simmered in a bit of maple syrup was perfect. 

There was another reason for this meal of “comfort food.”  Earlier in the day our two-month-old granddaughter, Ellie, and her parents traveled out-of-town to see a specialist. There were concerns related to her tiny size as a result of coming into this world a month early.  By the end of the day there was good news from the doctor.  To me, “comfort food” fit the bill.

My daughter stated, “Mom you couldn’t have just made waffles, it had to be more!”  Why not, life should be a celebration every day!

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Our Rooms Have Names!

The other day I actually tried out one of my B&B rooms for a nap.  With that experience I made a couple of decorating adjustments to maximise the sunshine exposure.  As I finished the placement of the plants I came up with names for the rooms.
The downstairs room will be called “The Garden Room”.  It has access to the herb garden and there are four large windows which provide sun for the many plants we have hanging.  The carpeting even has a soft rose patter.  It’s the perfect name to describe the room.
The upstairs room will be known as “The Vineyard Room”.  The walls are painted a deep merlot offset with wide white woodwork which was there since the 1840’s.  The sign on the door is encased in a grapevine wreath to identify it properly.  There are several pieces of wicker furniture which provide an airy feeling to the  room.  A restored antique chifforobe adorns the focal point of  the room.
I’m just trying to complete the placement of the wall decorations.  For the downstairs it was easy to find beautiful pictures of gardens .  For the upstairs I think I’ll just have to take a ride with my daughter Heather (the photographer)  to capture the perfect vineyard view.  While she is at it, we need to get the photos of the room on this website.  I sure am having fun.
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Hello world!

We are on the brink of a one year anniversary for opening our cooking school last February 11, 2010.  Now we are continuing our vision by offering the Herb Garden Bed & Breakfast in February 2011.  This blog is dedicated to the planning, vision, lessons and experiences we encounter along life’s journey.

  The road we (my husband, Paul and I) have already traveled to get to this point has been one of compromise and dedication.  You have no idea how much furniture Paul has helped me move, either to another room, to the shop for refinishing, or home from the auction.  I may get a lot of jokes my way about the my decorating process but he rarely complains.

Renovating this old house over the years has been so rewarding.  It has kept us busy for the past thirty-nine years.  We just had our forty-year wedding anniversary, perhaps this mission is the secret to a long marriage.  However, one day I almost walked but I couldn’t.  It was a 90 degree August afternoon and my shoes were stuck in the tar at the peak of the roof.

 We are excited to have our cooking school and b&b guests enjoy the warm colors and casual comfort here.  Furnishings vary from my grandmother’s oak pedestal table and hutch to comfortable Amish-made furniture.  As soon as the weather warms there will be an assortment of seating areas around the porches and gardens. 

We still have a few more details to iron out.  First  – what to name the rooms.  Second – which menu items will be served for that perfect breakfast.  I’d better get cracking, oh yes, we have fresh eggs from our grandson’s chickens. 

Bye for now, Chris

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